Processing techniques affect XOS effects

Research shows prebiotic ingredients, particularly XOS, produced via different processes result in distinct compositions, benefits and dosage.

Hemp/CBD: Market evolution – digital magazine

One plant—and the rich oil extracted from it—has disrupted the natural products industry like perhaps never before. Hemp’s widespread promise and the market’s reception to CBD oil have meant upheaval and accelerated change for all players. As farmers eye hemp as a new cash crop, federal regulators and new supply chain links are (more…)

Let’s talk hemp CBD safety

Safety and tox work are setting themselves up to be mandatory practices for hemp CBD businesses.

Let’s talk hemp CBD safety – podcast

Safety and tox work are setting themselves up to be mandatory practices for hemp CBD businesses.

User fees could boost FDA oversight of supplement sector

Conventional wisdom suggests any detailed conversations about user fees to help FDA better oversee the supplement industry would commence near the end of a process to reform DSHEA.

Informa Markets launches Food & Beverage Insider to support innovation among CPG brands

The new website and print publication offer a new source for the latest ingredients, formulation, supply chain and regulatory issues.

Curcumin and PEA for better sleep and quicker exercise recovery

Athletes need quality sleep for proper recovery, and natural ingredients such as curcumin and PEA can aid in the sleep and recovery process.

The science and nutrition behind building muscle

Building muscle for athletics and aesthetics means enhancing the size and structure of skeletal lean body tissue by combining adequate exercise and nutrition. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks of muscle, but energy- and fatigue-regulating ingredients and anti-inflammatories are also key.

Influence of physical training on erythrocyte concentrations of iron, phosphorus and magnesium

The present study aimed to determine changes occurring in the erythrocyte concentrations of Iron (Fe), Magnesium (Mg) and Phosphorous (P) of subjects with different levels of physical training living in the sa…

Sleep, the overlooked recovery and performance tool

Athletes and active consumers struggle to get the rest the body needs for optimal performance. Several natural ingredients can help promote good sleep.