Our 10 Favorite Weight-Loss Products

Our 10 Favorite Weight-Loss Products

If you’re like most people, you know two things: Summer is going to be here before you know it, and you could probably stand to lose a few pounds before you hit the beach or pool. The only thing that stands between you and your dream physique is a little thing called hunger.

People who are into fitness have a secret you might want to hear: The more you’re able to get sugary carbs out of your diet, the better your chances of slimming down. Carbs taste good, fill you up (if only for a few minutes), and give you a burst of energy. But, that energy brings a rapid spike in blood sugar levels—and a lot of stored fat.

Here are 10 weight-loss products our customers use to chip away at those extra pounds. Whether you choose capsules, powder, or bars, they’re great substitutes for those carb-laden cookies, chips, and sodas. For best results, pair these products with a good diet and lots of exercise. Work hard and you can reach the beach in style.

1 RSP Nutrition L-Carnitine


“Sheds that extra fat off with a good amount of cardio and a good diet.”


“Taking L-Carinitine helps me lose that fat daily with a little cardio or a workout.”


“Affordable and definitely does its job. I usually take one or two: One in the morning, one in the evening, and especially between lunch and dinner!”

2 NLA for Her: Her CLA


“Her CLA is my favorite CLA. I have really noticed a difference around my stubborn stomach area. This is my favorite toning product for sure.”


“I started taking CLA from NLA and now my metabolic rate seems to be burning more as if I was in high school again.”


“I love Her CLA! Perfect for my routine and promoting fat loss naturally. No side effects or anything negative to say!”

3 Pro Supps L-Carnitine 1500


“I’ve been taking this stuff for over 3 months and it really helps with burning fat. I also notice a great energy after taking a serving before working out.”


“It helps increase my metabolism and lose the stubborn fat in my midsection. It’s a great investment if you are trying to find some new stack to work into your fat-loss routine.”

4 RSP Nutrition AminoLean Energy Formula


“AminoLean is the best amino out there, and better yet if you’re looking to cut fat. I highly recommend this great product from RSP.”


“You get a real smooth energy feel before working out. It’s a perfect amount for the right pick-me-up. The real plus is the included CLA and carnitine to increase fat loss.”


“AminoLean is by far one of the best amino energies I have had… It has helped with weight loss along with building strength and muscle definition. Also like the energy boost it provides for endurance-training days.”

5 BPI Best BCAA Shredded


“I started off using the regular BCAA in fruit punch flavor and it was incredible. I’ve been using [shredded] for a month now and it’s awesome! Leaves me feeling energized and not lethargic from constant exercise. I can see more changes in my physique as well!”


“Reading the ingredient list, I have a feeling this is going to take nonstimulant fat burning to another level and totally change the industry.”


“Honestly I thought their Best BCAAs were already the best. This…this is just on another level. I mean aminos to help with weight loss while still having the same great taste?”

6 Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm


“Great for helping during the cutting phase, or if your goal is just to shed those extra pounds of fat. Also provides extra energy throughout the day.”


“Tried this because a co-worker drank it every morning. Who drinks it far more religiously now? ME! Cravings are non-existent and with working at Starbucks, that’s a big deal.”


“I’ve recommended this to friends that want to get lean or tone their body and get an extra edge in cutting some body fat.”

7 Kaged Muscle Clean Burn


“I am always skeptical of fat burners. I tried this for 45 days. I have to admit, even though I didn’t take it twice a day, I can definitely tell a difference with this. I was cutting and cutting…”


“Great product, very effective. I have lost significant fat in a few weeks. Works amazing, highly recommended at a good price.”


“The best ingredient for fat burning is always the green tea extract. Of course, it’s no magic pill. I have Clean Burn together with a strict diet and working out every day at the gym. This product is my little side kick to my goal weight!”

8 RSP Nutrition QuadraLean Thermogenic


“Say goodbye to body fat, big appetite and love handles. Then say hello to a leaner you with this supplement. This will help make dieting much easier and give you that focus you need to cut down on fat.”


“QuadraLean Thermogenic is a fantastic fat burner. I take it every morning when I wake up. It seems to curb my sweet tooth cravings. I can’t wait to continue on with my weight-loss journey with the help of RSP!!”


“QuadraLean Thermogenic is a very useful supplement when looking to cut weight. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to shed a few pounds.”

9 Dymatize Liquid L-Carnitine


“Got this product because I was having trouble getting rid of the fat. And after a few weeks it seems like I am seeing satisfying results. You won’t be disappointed with the results.”


“No complaints! Works every time I go on a 4-6-week fat-loss cycle but use year-round for cardio support as well.”


“For everyday I take one lid-size cup and it tastes amazing. It’s just an essential to lose weight. It’s clear as water and sweet as a lemon-cola.”

10 EVL Nutrition ENGN Shred


“Great product!! Not only great tasting but works great as well. I leaned out extremely well the 2 months that I took this!”


“I just introduced this a couple weeks ago and pair it with EVL BCAA Lean Energy and have been really losing fat around the stomach.”